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    Know Your Data to Better Protect it From Ransomware 

    Today, every organization is concerned about security and the inevitability of a ransomware attack. As your data continues to grow, you need to effectively manage it and protect it. Ideally, you don’t want to be reactive in any given situation where you feel pressured to make quick decisions.

    To keep up with all your data needs, you need a data protection and management solution that will future proof your data and integrate new technologies to your data needs. Then you are proactive against cyberthreats, not reactive.

    Identify, Protect, and future proof your data

    Effectively and consistently manage all your data security, compliance, transformation, and insights from a single, simple unified platform, spanning hybrid workloads, to minimize risk and accelerate growth. Better identify business-critical data, confidential or sensitive information to ensure your data is properly secured and protected. Once data has been identified and secured, then organizations can use it for greater insight and drive business decisions. Organizations should ensure they can: 

    • Rapidly identify and secure business-critical and sensitive data
    • Reduce data sprawl and the threat of ransomware
    • Centrally manage data across cloud, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments
    • Manage risk remediations with collaborative decision making
    • Rapidly recover data and applications based on pre-set priorities

    Commvault® File Storage Optimization  – lower your attack surface

    Gain valuable data insights, allowing you to lower the attack surface and reduce the risks of ransomware. This is achieved with a highly efficient means to survey both live and backup data silos at a massive scale while providing easy management through a single user interface – the Commvault Command Center™.

    Commvault®File Storage Optimization can help identify business-critical and redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data and ensure the correct actions are performed (backup, secure, archive, or delete).

    • Identify business-critical data at risk and categorize it by data type and location
    • Use proactive remediation actions to backup, archive, or move the data to a secured location
    • Ensure data availability using backup copies

    Figure 1: Know what data you have

    Commvault® Data Governance – rapidly find and remediate your critical or sensitive data risks

    Gain valuable data insights, allowing you to identify sensitive data risks, streamline collaborative decision-making remediations, and support regulatory compliance. This is achieved with a highly efficient means to survey both live and backup data silos at a massive scale while providing easy management through a single user interface – the Commvault Command Center™.

    Commvault® Data Governance can help define, find, manage, and secure files containing sensitive data across hybrid cloud live and backup data silos from a single user interface.

    • Rapidly identify and secure sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII)
    • Manage risk remediations with collaborative decision-making
    • Delete sensitive data from backups to ensure previously removed data is not accidentally recovered

    Figure 2: It’s your data. Don’t risk it

    Commvault Complete™ Data Protection – protect and recover your entire data environment

    Enhance your data management by integrating Commvault® File Storage Optimization and Commvault®

    Data Governance with a proven leader and innovator in the backup and recovery market – Commvault Complete™ Data Protection.

    Commvault Complete™ Data Protection is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use data protection solution that combines Commvault® Backup & Recovery with Commvault® Disaster Recovery. It delivers backup, replication, and disaster recovery for all workloads, across entire hybrid environments. It provides trusted recovery of data and applications, virtual machines, and containers, along with verifiable recoverability of replicas, cost-optimized cloud data mobility, security, and resilient ransomware protection, and flexible copy data management to leverage protected data for DevOps, testing, and analytics.

    Commvault® File Storage Optimization and Commvault® Data Governance can operate independently of Commvault Complete™ Data Protection or as part of a combined solution to maximize your business’s data management capabilities

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