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We are an excellent service management in the area of IT solutions and managed service. Our priority is to add value to your organisation!.

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    About Us

    About Us

    About Us

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    Established in 2016, Uridium Technologies is a leading enterprise technology Integrator specialized in the deployment of dynamic and highly scalable ICT Infrastructure Solutions.

    Our customer cut across various segments including Banking, Telecommunication, Education, Oil/Gas, Power, Utilities and Government Institutions; internationally and locally.

    Our capabilities are entrenched in our strategy that is built to simplify complex situations into milestone successes, professionalism, and ability to deliver workable solutions within time and budget.

    Our alpha team made up of super-efficient technologists, analysts and business experts are constantly eager to help our clients achieve improved efficiencies, reduced risks and growing of their market shares.

    Uridium believes in and pursues an excellent service culture, and delivers its operations through global best practices using its ISO9001 certification process.

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    Adewusi Johnson

    Our Values

    Great teamwork requires more than just great technology. Check out our proven methods, guides, and exercises that help streamline your business success to achieve unmatched efficiency.


    Great things in business are never achieved by walking alone but by having the right people who have the same mentality of excellence. At UTL, we work with you to achieve your business goals and objectives from start to finish - we are not contractors but partners who are willing to with you every step of the way taking your business as ours and helping you succeed.


    With a comprehensive strategy made of definitive value elements, we approach each project with a goal to create, add, and reinforce value in your business. Our solutions are value-driven and value-added on all fronts. Our problem-solving mentality is what puts us ahead and make our clients come back again and again. Our secret is - we focus on your needs.


    Great teamwork requires more than just great tools. Our proven methods, guides, and exercises that is hinged on collaborative work help our people at UTL work better, while being happy to always move things forward. Here, there is no boss, only leaders who are create a cohesive environment that makes everyone feel involved, smart and respected.

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