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We are an excellent service management in the area of IT solutions and managed service. Our priority is to add value to your organisation!.

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    Great teamwork requires more than just great tools. Check out our proven methods, guides, and exercises that help make work better, and people

    Enterprise Security Solutions and Services

    Our goal for this highly sensitive area is to provide end to end security solutions across all levels of the IT Infrastructure from Network, Servers, Storage infrastructure to Applications and Databases, Processes and Personnel.

    Cloud and Mobile Solutions

    We provide private cloud offerings for customers that have the appropriate Infrastructure in place and provide public cloud support for customers with offsite infrastructure needs.

    IT Advisory and Managed Services.

    Under the Services portfolio, UTL provides consulting, managed and professional services to customers, in all our core solutions and then in specialized areas like security, automation, tuning, customization /special /customer-specific archiving, processes, etc., that are not off-the-shelf solutions.

    Business Enterprise Software.

    Today's business needs to be Dynamic, Volatile and highly competitive - not business as usual. To keep moving forward you need every affordable advantage to stay competitive, innovative, nimble and profitable while getting ready for tomorrow.

    Infrastructure Solutions & Services.

    Organizations need stable, expandable, highly active and unified ICT infrastructure solutions and services that empower enterprise processes and re-shape the future.

    Business Service Management Solutions.

    We believe that with the surge in internet adoption, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet to connect to their different customers, sites and ultimately the world.