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    How to Monitor, Respond, and Recover from Ransomware Threats

    Attackers are everywhere. Ransomware is top of mind for our customers, so it’s top of mind for us. 

    Organizations everywhere are facing multigenerational data sprawl. Workloads are created at the edge, the cloud, and in between, and as customers move toward modern apps and businesses are transforming, security is a critical topic. 

    Customers want to know: how do I ensure my environments are secure and my data is protected if my datacenter is struck by a threat—not just ransomware, but any threat. Our goal at Commvault is to enable customers to lock down their environments, make sure data is safe and secure, and give agility back to the business.

    Commvault wants customers to have a solid ransomware defense strategy. So how do we provide a multi-layered, security-hardened defense strategy?

    Every data center and every data landscape is different. You need to understand what the threats are, where they are, what the threat landscape looks like, what you need to do to harden them, and then define a security perimeter. This will allow you to begin securing your data, locking it down, and making sure it doesn’t leave the datacenter and is not infected with malware. You need to monitor the status of what’s occurring in that environment, no matter where your data lives. Monitoring from the cloud is an important capability that allows you to respond to a threat and then return to normalcy, confident that everything is working appropriately.

    How Commvault secures your data estate:

    Risk assessment of the security profile of your data environment by assessing the security of the entire integrated environment

    • Assessing what controls are turned on and what you need to enable them, where and why, managed through a single pane of glass

    Defining your security defense strategy—protecting your data estate

    • Immutable architectures to ensure proper authentication is occurring
    • Hardening to Center for Internet Security (CIS) and other protocols reduce the threat area as much as possible
    • Zero trust authentication: continuously authenticating back and forth, so processes and users are exactly what you think they are. These three capabilities, with the ability to air gap and isolate networks, provides security for the data estate
    • Isolate different storage environments: we manage and maintain the infrastructure to open and close storage environments to make sure they’re isolated whether on-premises, in the cloud, or with Metallic™

    Monitor the data—gauge the status from everywhere. We leverage machine learning to provide data analysis in every environment. This includes the use of honeypots, which act as tripwires in data estate that will trip up malware and identify a potential threat that might be active in your environment. Commvault provides behavioral and anomaly trends and actively monitors files within every environment. 

    The next process is the ability to respond. We provide the ability to restore very quickly prior to the event and can then automate validation of the pieces you’ve recovered. In that response, you can surgically remove threats from your environment. If you have infected files, you can take action so the threat won’t re-infect systems in the future.

    And finally, recovery—you need to get back to a competent, normal state where everything is running how you expect it.

    The Commvault solution is highly available by making the metadata available somewhere else so you can failover and proceed with the recovery. You can also send it to our Commvault cloud so we can help when you’ve been struck by ransomware. 

    Our customers can recover anywhere, at any point-in-time, with any SLA and have a secure and high integrity data management platform. We offer a multi-layered, hardened, immutable solution that ensures customers can respond to and recover from threats.

    On March 23rd, join Commvault and industry experts, including renowned cyber security leaders Dr Sally Eaves and Rob May for a live discussion on zero trust principles and ransomware protection and recovery.  Register here

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